Legal services with long experience

Carl Magnus von Wendt

Attorney, LL.M.

Member of the Finnish Bar Association


Family and inheritance law (estate management, partitions in divorce cases)

Personal taxation (e.g. tax returns, tax planning)

Dispute resolution and litigation

Mediation (Mediation training by the Finnish Bar Association)

Guardianship and Trusteeship (Power of Attorney)

Trial Counsel (Judicial Procedings)


Numerous tasks as a court-appointed estate administrator and –distributor.

Acted as asset manager for foreign clients in Finland.

Long experience as a family attorney (own office since 1993).

Appointed as liquidator and manager of bankruptcy estates.

Previous experience in banking and business sectors, for example as stockbroker,

investment expert and trust lawyer and the Company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Language skills

Swedish, Finnish, English, German.

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