Legal services with long experience

Attorneys at Law C M von Wendt provides services in Helsinki

Attorneys at Law CM von Wendt operates in the capital area. Our main practice area is general law in the field of civil justice. The office only takes criminal cases under exceptional circumstances.

Our family attorneys mainly focus on the legal affairs of private persons, with emphasis on inheritance and family law, as well as personal taxation.

We also provide legal assistance to companys, and we can act as administrator in bankruptcy proceedings.

We have established connections with attorneys in Sweden and Norway.

What we value most is trust and good service.

Our mode of operation is close cooperation with our clients.

Legal assistance and counselling will be performed in a practical way, aiming to reach a solution optimal for the client.

When needed, our office uses auditors, evaluators, real estate agents, auction rooms and other experts.

Contact us

If you have a question or a problem about a legal issue, you can contact our office by sending your question by e-mail, and we will evaluate your problem. All information that we receive will be processed with the utmost discretion and full confidentiality.

Contact our office by e-mail or phone, the first phone contact and a short evaluation are usually free of charge.